4 Instances That Call For Tax Resolution Services

You use IRS services more often during tax season and when you wait to get your tax refund. However, the IRS could make its presence in your business at other times of the year. For example, if the agency believes you have reported less than you earn, have underpaid tax, or haven't filed returns, you'll need tax resolution services to get tax relief or pay back taxes to solve tax problems.

Whereas many situations require you to get tax resolution services, this article discusses the more common circumstances.

1. Wage Garnishment Services

The IRS will go to specific lengths to acquire its money. For example, the IRS can garnish your wages, reduce, or make your paycheck non-existent. The money deducted from your paycheck then goes directly to the IRS. You negotiate with the IRS to resolve the issue before you get a wage garnishment.

A tax resolution attorney works with you to get a payment plan that demonstrates to the IRS that you can retain your paycheck in full and still pay the taxes due. With professional help, you have less stress and don't pay more than you should to the IRS.

2. Tax Lien Removal

If you don't pay federal taxes, property taxes, or state taxes, your tax agency can place a claim against a valuable property, e.g., your home. As a result, you might get foreclosure or other complications that arise from liens. Tax resolution services protect your property from the lien and work to discharge or withdraw any liens.

3. Tax Penalties

The IRS charges interest or tax penalties when you fail to pay or pay your taxes late. Fortunately, you are eligible for a tax waiver for the penalty in specific circumstances. Your tax resolution attorney determines whether you qualify for tax penalty abatement. If not, you get guidance on possible ways to reduce your penalties.

4. Innocent Spouse Relief

You are eligible for innocent spouse relief if you deal with your spouse or ex-spouse's back taxes. Your tax resolution attorney gets the at-fault spouse to be responsible for your current tax issues. Tax resolution services involving spouse relief require you to get a Form 8857 and other financial documentation. Your tax professional ensures you get and file all the documents in good time.


The main aim of tax resolution services is to remedy your tax issues and get you in good standing. If you face any tax issues discussed above, don't hesitate to contact a trusted professional. Your tax resolution lawyer comes in handy whenever you need guidance, advice, or legal representation to navigate tax issues.

For more information on tax resolution, contact a professional near you.

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